The first 13 staplers below the 'Kula Flagship' represent the originals which I inherited on June 26, 1996.  The subsequent staplers are ordered using a complex algorithm combining 'random' with 'alphabetical'.  Through the years, it has become customary to inscribe upon one's stapler a date and/or thoughtful message for future generations; these have been transcribed here.  Also noted are several special endorsements, identified below:



Inductees who remained within the Family of Companies after parting with their staplers


Inductees who joined CTI, otherwise known as Cordis North


Inductees whose staplers last graced the LC project before being retired to the Museum

John Kula
Mounted, Gold Plated, and inscribed "J.K. 8/1/00"

Anthony Miksza

Nick Green
inscribed "To Dave"

Chiyo Rowe


Ro Bleier


Yvonne Zazzara


John Gennace


Joan M. Lind


Ann Eckert


Dirk VonHollen


Ray Ursick
including inscribed commerative marble paperweight


Doug Portnow
inscribed "original stpls 1996 (6)"


Ed Cummings
inscribed "1995 original staples"


W. A. Easterbrook III
former owner of collection


Jane Aoyagi


Eugene Boland
Etched: "A resignation Haiku by E. Boland:  I am resigning. I am moving to Georgia. To Cryolife, Inc." "...So long and thanks for all the fish..."


Todd Chelak


Margurite Coleman
Etched: "MC"


Manny Cuhna


Kevin Daubert
inscribed: "JJIS class of 1994" "Daubert was here"


Bob Dumont
inscribed: "To Craig B. from Bob Dumont"


Hugo Felix


Jeff Graham
etched: "Jeff Graham"


Jennifer Gwo


Kay Hannan
in whiteout: "KAY"


Dexter Haywood
12/4/95 - 1/23/98


Myles Kramer
4-9-98.  Ensemble featuring staple remover, name tag, trademark red pen, and gold p-touch lettering.


Betsy Kuzio
11/88 - 5/98. "Kuz"


Dorothy Lee Dion
 4/97. "D Lee"


Kathy Lovely


Ray Luistro


Monte Masters


Matt McGrane


George Meglic
 C-Clamp.  Etched: "4/10/98"


Steve Mercadante
 Upon notice of his stapler's induction, Steve "Disco" Mercadante decorated this Swingline with a number of personal artifacts.


Glen Mosier
 Including name plate and staple remover.


Bob Nelson
 Inscribed "K.C. Kid"


Eric Nickerson
10/30/95 - 5/22/98


Barbara O'Neil
11/20/97.  Inscribed "Good Luck to Craig B."


Frank Padlo


Jim Pellegrini
4/8/98.  Inscribed "To Craig - Someday it will be your stapler they're after"


Nancy Phillips



Stan Rabinovich


Ron Rakos


Cynthia D. Ray
including nameplate


Patti Reinhardt


Tom Rudzinski


Patricia K. Scheller


John Sharockman


Susan Sprague


Stapler of the Unknown Manufacturing Associate
4/98  Obtained from 35TD, Sheaths Inventory Control. Donated by Jim Pellegrini.


Mike Webster
Featuring Miami and Warren staplers


Dan Welsh


Karen Winsley
Inscribed in gold marker


Jim Meikle
Photo not available due to  unauthorized removal from collection.  Stapler originally prepared with a handsome and novel paper mustache.


Muriel Acquaye


Rich Pellegrino


Elliot Sanders
Photo not available due to  unauthorized removal from collection.


William VanNess
Photo not available due to  unauthorized removal from collection.


Jonathan Howe
"Good Luck Cordis!"


Ken Monahan
"Return of the Intern"


Juile Sydor
Name plate authentic, stapler simulated


Jim Umbach
Inscribed "Jim Umbach"


Jim Wirzman
labeled "James R. Wirzman"

Craig Bonsignore, curator, Stapler Museum and Hall of Fame.
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