Shortly after its worldwide debut in May of 1999, the Stapler Museum and Hall of Fame was pronounced the most successful launch of a medical device stapler-related website in history.  We were promptly flooded with an outpouring of support in volumes of inspiring emails.  Send your comments to

Todd from Oakland writes:
"This brought tears to my eyes ... you have definitely achieved the pinnacle of your career with this accomplishment"
... I fear you may be right, Todd.

Bob from Kansas City observes:
"I couldn't believe all the names ... such is corporate warfare"
... and further quotes:
"Many were called but few were chosen.  The dogs barked and the Caravan moved on"
... woof.

Myles from Pinebrook declares:
"I am ... more proud than ever to be an inductee"

Ro from Oakland points out:
"To be absolutely correct, my name should be spelled Bleier"
... we have a team looking into this.  Seems there may have been a lapse in our Quality Assurance dept.

Bob from somewhere beyond Pinebrook notes:
"Conspicuous by its absence is my stapler.  I believe it was passed on to an inhabitant of Powderhorn upon my departure"
... Powderhorn became quite a tough neighborhood after your departure, Bob.

Elliot from Flemington writes:
"Having been to the MMoA, the Smithsonians, The Louvre, The British Museum, Prague, and Vienna, I can say that this is surely the finest museum display I have ever witnessed in my life"
... Elliot, you really should get out more.

Scott from Parts Unknown speculates:
"Is it possible that you have too much time on your hands?" ... and later inquires ... "did you ever see my used styrofoam coffee cup collection? ...  I identified them by the teeth marks on the rim of the cups."
... Yes, Scott, it is possible that I have too much time on my hands...

Craig Bonsignore, curator, Stapler Museum and Hall of Fame.
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